Whataburger Offers New Holiday Sweater

Would you wear a fast food holiday sweater?

November 16, 2018
ugly Christmas sweaters



I'm from Texas and we love WHATABURGER! The classic burger fastfood chain made a brief appearance here in Central Florida I was so ecstatic to see it too and equally as sad when a few months later it was gone. POOF! So without fail, each time I go home to visit, I make a stop at WHATABURGER! 

So clearly, I found it funny that WHATABURGER will now be selling Christmas sweaters! The chain announced its online store is now selling the Whataburger Christmas Sweater, which features designs in the eatery’s signature white and orange colors. The sweater features Whataburger’s logo as well as French fries, snowflakes, a Christmas tree and “24 hours.”

Is it ugly? Yes. Is it sold out? Yes!The sweaters quickly sold out on the chain’s website, but a new shipment is expected December 5th. 

How fanatical are people about their fast food? Some very fanatical!  Would you wear some clothing by your fave fast food place?

Affirmative! ~grace