How We Swallow 114 Pieces Of Plastic With Every Meal

April 2, 2018



We all see them especially when the sunlight is streaming in, these little floating particles just freely out there. Well, now a study finds that these happy little floaty things maybe hazardous to our health. Great. Now what?

A study reveals we could be swallowing more than 100 tiny plastic particles with every main meal. The plastic may be from soft furnishings and synthetic fabrics, gets into household dust which then floats around and falls on our plates and food. 

Scientistists placed Petri dishes containing sticky dust traps on the table next to dinner plates in three homes at meal times. "Up to 14 pieces of plastic were found in the Petri dishes at the end of a 20-minute meal – the equivalent of 114 plastic fibres falling on the average dinner plate given their much larger size."

Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh scientists concluded that a person could swallow up to 68,415 potentially dangerous plastic fibres a year just with one meal.. Well, that's unsettling.

Oh and that includes just breathing too. Great. ~grace