Amazon Will Be Selling and Shipping Live Christmas Trees This Year

Christmas tree shopping has become so much more convenient.

September 13, 2018


Just when we thought we couldn't love Amazon any more...they go ahead and do something like this! I love Amazon...and I love....CHRISTMAS! Some genius that gets paid to sit at a conference room table and brainstorm ideas for companies decided "Hey, maybe we should cash in on the whole Christmas decor thing a bit let's ship LIVE TREES". Ya know what? I love it!

You no longer have to get in the car with the family and go pick out which pine statue is going to grace your living room this holiday season. 

And these aren't just regular Christmas trees. These things are HUGE! If you ask me, the bigger the better. 


If you order one, they'll send you a seven-foot tree that was chopped down less than 10 days ago. So, not only will it smell amazing because it's so huge, but its freshly cut too. Amazing. 

The price isn't terrible considering what you would pay at a Christmas tree lot for a tree this size. On top of that, you would have to get it to your house on your own. This way is super convenient and you will pay for it...sort of. The tree will cost about $115 bucks AND if you are a prime member...your shipping is FREE! I'm IN!