Here Are The Top Gifts Your Lady Does NOT Want For Valentine's Day

If you're planning on getting your lady a gift this Valentine's Day, don't get any of these.

February 14, 2019



Have you ever received a bad gift on a romantic holiday? I have. Not that they weren't thoughtful. They were, but when your boyfriend or husband ( Or wife or girlfriend) gets you something that you NEED rather than something that you want. Let me explain.

I had a boyfriend once say, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY" with Ram. Ram! As in, memory for my computer. It was in a plastic bag...and he even installed it into my computer for me. Uhm..... Ok? Thanks? I think? 

I had another boyfriend got me running shoes. NO..I did NOT ask for running essentially he was calling me fat. 

2,000 people were asked to name the top cheesy gifts they definitely do NOT want to get for Valentine's Day. I actually have to dis agree with half of these. Are they cheesy? ABSOLUTELY! But, it's a cheesy holiday so why not embrace it! 



1. Pink furry handcuffs. So the whole S&M thing ISN'T romantic? Shocking. - Why do they have to be pink and furry. 

2. A tattoo of their name. - This is the kiss of death. NEVER get a tatoo with your partners name. 

3. A giant teddy bear. Because it's useless, and where do you put it? - OH but there's something sweet and nostalgic about that. 

4. An oversized card with a cheesy quote.- Yup...Still love it. 

5. A huge heart-shaped balloon. So it sounds like anything oversized is risky. - They last forever tho. Eventually, you'll want to pop it and throw it away. 

6. An album of nothing but love songs. - This is sweet. Throwback to the world of mixtapes. 

7. A heart-shaped locket. - This can be super sweet if you get one that's her style that she will actually wear. 

8. An expensive bouquet of roses. That's the most surprising one on the list.- Although, I am a big advocate on the theory " one rose says just as much as 12 ". My husband got me a single red rose every week for the first 3 years of our relationship. I have vases around the house with dried rose petals in them. Roses are always nice, no matter how many you get her. 

9. A giant cookie with "I Love You" written on it. - This could be delicious, but be careful that thing packs on a lot of calories. 

10. A heart-shaped box of chocolates.- Always...always get this. This is the one time of year we can sit and eat chocolates and not be judged.