Crimes That Most People Have Committed

How many of these crimes have you done?

October 2, 2018




1. Have you ever jaywalked? 90% of people said they have. 

I will admit I have Jaywalked in my neighborhood, but my neighborhood is super pedestrian friendly. Not that's an excuse for breaking the law. Sometimes you stand there and say "Do I really want to walk all the way down to the stop sign or stop light to cross the street when I could just cross right here?". I think we have all been guilty of this at one point of another. 

2. Have you ever rolled through a stop sign? Only 51% said yes.


I think we all know we are supposed to make a complete stop. Yes, a rolling stop will get you a ticket if you get caught. I am marrying a man that went through the police academy so everytime we drive its " Jill...behind the line and come to a complete stop". I can't get away with anyhting. 

3. Do you ever speed? Only 67% said yes. So 33% of us have NEVER broken the speed limit?

First of all I do NOT believe that only 33% of people say they have never sped. If I speed, it's usually not intentional. We have all had that one song on that we are jamming to an then all of a suddden it's " OH DAMN I'M GOING 88!"

4. Have you ever used someone else's WiFi without their permission? Like if it wasn't password protected? 35% of us have done it.

I think we all are guilty of this. You have really bad service and you log on to you your WiFi when you are somewhere unfamiliar and we all look for that internet symbol WITHOUT a password. 

5. Have you pirated music, or illegally downloaded a movie? 78% said yes. Also, 18% said they've used someone else's Netflix account without their knowledge.

Music no...Netflix? I wonder how they make any money because everyone I know is using someone elses Netflix account. 

6. Have you ever done a "double feature," where you pay for a movie at the theater, then stay and sneak into a second one? 22% of us have done it.

I have never done this I will say mostly because I am too scared that I will get caught. This is why I could never break the law. 

7. Did you ever drink underage? 72% said yes.

I mean.....

8. Have you ever been paid under the table? 41% said they have.

I have been offered, but I have never accepted. Again...too scared.