Disney Now Offering Vegan Option On Many Of Their Menus

Disney is jumping on the plant based train.

September 25, 2019

Credit: YelenaYemchuk


Starting next month, Disney is going to become more vegan-friendly. Florida will pave the way for the new menu items with California jumping on board at a later date. These plant based items will be available at both sit down restaurants and quick serve restaurants. Here are the new items and where you can find them. 


Steamed Asian dumplings at Le Cellier (Epcot)

Shiriki noodle salad at Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen (Magic Kingdom)

Chili-spiced crispy fried tofu bowl at Satu'li Canteen (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

"Tatooine Two Suns Hummus" (Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando)

“Le Fou Festin" at the Be Our Guest Restaurant (Disney's Magic Kingdom)

"Eggless Florentine" (Main Street U.S.A.)


In other Vegan News


( I feel the need to prep you on how ridiculous this is ) 

There's a vegan Instagram influencer named Ullenka Kash.  And she says she's created something called "lettucetti" . . . which is lettuce noodles you can use for pasta.

But now she's getting made fun of because, as everyone is pointing out . . . it's just a SALAD with shredded lettuce.  Although one person pointed out she eats it like pasta by twirling it on her fork. 

So basically...salad pasta. Just because you put sauce on it...doesn't make it pasta. Although, that would be cool.