It's August 8th And We Are Already Seeing Holiday Stuff In Stores.

Stores are prepping for Thanksgiving and Christmas already.

August 8, 2018



So, it's August 8th and we are hearing rumors of pumpkin spice and Christmas trees ALREADY! Look, anyone that knows me knows how much I love the holidays. I would leave my christmas tree up year round if I didn't feel like I'd need to dust it every month. I was in Hobby Lobby the other day getting some things for my rehearsal dinner and as I glanced over to the main aisle I see the lady unboxing....yes, you've guessed it...CHRISTMAS STUFF. If you are wondering why she skipped over Thanksgiving stuff, well it was already out. Pumpkins, Corn husks and scarecrows were all out in full force at the Hobby Lobby. They're not the only store that is bracing themselves for the holidays. Starbucks is getting ready to embrace all things PUMPKIN. 

Apparently, people have spotted Starbucks stores around the country already getting their supplies to make the lattes.

And based on rumors that are coming from Starbucks employees, it looks like they could go on sale this year on Tuesday August 28th, which is less than three weeks from now.  

If that isn't enough for about we throw some Christmas stuff your way. You'll have to go over the pond for this one though. There is a store in London that is already selling Christmas stuff. They have a good reason...sort of. 

Selfridges is the name of the department store in London that has the decor up more than 140 days before December 25th. 

Selfridges says they start so early because of DEMAND . . . this is when England is getting the most visitors from overseas, so they want to buy Christmas stuff even though it's totally out of season.