It's National Stuffing Day! Do You Call It "Stuffing" or "Dressing"?

It's National Stuffing Day!

November 21, 2019
National Stuffing Day

Credit: VeselovaElena



We're ONE week from Thanksgiving, but TODAY is National Stuffing Day. 

How do you make your stuffing? StoveTop? Cornbread? Sausage? Oyster? Apple?

Regardless you can celebrate TODAY, ya know..just in case you need to do a dry run. But, more you call it STUFFING or DRESSING!?

According to a new poll, a lot of us don't even use the term "stuffing" though.  Just under 3,000 Americans were asked:  "What do you call the Thanksgiving side dish that mixes bread cubes, broth, and seasoning?"  And a quarter of us call it "dressing."

66% call it stuffing . . . 25% call it "dressing" . . . 3% of Americans call it something else, like "filling" . . . and 6% weren't sure which term they use most.