Martha Stewart’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

There is some cool stuff on here.

December 2, 2019
Martha Stewarts Holiday Guide Is Out

Credit: Zolga_F


Oprah has one...Ellen has one...and now MARTHA'S is out TOO! I'm talking about the favorite things Christmas list extravaganza. 

Martha Stewart just came out with her gift guide. Now, sometimes these lists can be rather pricey. In this case there is a range for everyone. Some presents are 100 bucks and under OR there is a list of gifts around 300 for those that want to spend a little more. 

She has shared her holiday gift guide for 2019, featuring 15 of this holiday season’s must-have items.

According to E! News, "Highlights include the perfect book for sweet-tooths, cookie fanatics, or those baking for them, Martha’s own “Cookie Perfection Book” packed with more than 100 creative cookie recipes. Love holiday ambience but worried about the fire hazard? She also recommends this set of “Neutral Flameless Candles.”

The list also includes Martha’s favorite coffee blends, a white Christmas tree in a glass cloche perfect for the mantle or office, and a one-year subscription to Martha’s wine club. 

If you need me I'll be looking through this for the next week.