Mirco-Cheating Is A Thing

Do these things qualify as cheating?

October 3, 2019

Credit: oatawa


What exactly constitues cheating? According to Buzzfeed, there IS such thing as MICRO-CHEATING. It's where you may not be physically cheating, but you are cheating in other ways or showing actions that may lead to cheating. Do you think this is a real thing? Which one of these do you think constitue as cheating?


1.  Following an ex on social media.  Only 3% said it's cheating.

2.  Deleting apps like Tinder from your phone, but not deleting your account.  8% said it counts as cheating.

3.  Meeting up with someone, and claiming it's work-related when it isn't.  54% said YES, that's cheating.  And another 42% said it's at least suspicious.

4.  Sending a heart, kiss, or wink emoji in a flirty way.  Only 8% said it's okay.  49% said it's cheating, and another 43% would at least be concerned.

5.  Having a "work wife" or "work husband."  19% said it's cheating.  31% said it's fine.  The other 50% said it's not cheating, but they'd feel weird about it. 

6.  Staying in touch with an ex.  14% said it's cheating.

7.  Confiding in someone you're attracted to, instead of your significant other.  25% said it's cheating.

8.  Sexting someone else, but not getting physical with them.  91% said it's still cheating.