We Can All Relate To This Epic Mom Fail

If I had a dollar for every time I had a "mom fail" like this.

August 6, 2019

Credit: g-stockstudio


Sometimes when you are a mom, you can rock all the confidence in the world. You feel like you are doing everything right. Your kids have their &*( together. You are on time. They are all behaving and leaving the house in an orderly manner. You didn't have to scream for them to brush their hair or put their shoes on. Everything seems to be going according to plan. 

Then, there are other days when you think " Who the hell gave me a child? I have no clue what I'm doing." Seriously though. One day it's great and the next you feel like you don't know ANYTHING. I remember like it was yesterday ( And this happens every year). Elliot was 4 years old. I had the 4's down PAT. I was rocking the "mother of a 4 year old" vibe. I had every move, every behavior, everything figured out. Then BAM! He turned 5 and it all changed. That just KEPT happening every year. Being a mom is hard work. It takes planning. Sometimes we get it right...and sometimes...we forget to wear pants...like THIS mom. 

Recently a lady by the name of Mary Katherine Backstrom, of the parenting blog Mom Babble, was having one of those days. 

Just like the rest of us she felt like a “kick butt mother.” She had managed to bake muffins, pack kids’ lunches, read books to the little ones, and get them off to school on time in “adorable matchy-matchy outfits” that morning and get them to school five minutes early, so she arrived at her doctor appointment a little ahead of schedule.

Once she arrived at her appointment, she said she felt " a draft." 


She forgot to put her pants on. Apparently, she had thrown her skirt in the dryer to get out some wrinkles...and left the house before she could grab it. So, there ya go, "no pants Sally" is in the middle of a doctors office. There is nothing to bring you down to reality like forgetting your pants. 

Thank goodness the shirt was long enough to cover her "just enough" to get away with staying at her appointment. Me? I would have been out of there and calling to reschedule. 

We can all realte Mary....we can relate.