$181k Thanksgiving Dinner Is A Real Thing

Can you believe someone bought this?

November 27, 2019
Most expensive Thanksgiving meal

Credit: evgenyb


This is a real thing and comes from The Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City. It costs $181,000. OH, and YES...someone paid for it. The meal serves 12 people and the restaurant has confirmed that someone has bought the package.

HERE is what it includes. 

1.  Two gold-painted, gold-dusted, and gold-flaked free range turkeys.


2.  $1,200-a-pound Spanish bacon on top of candied sweet potatoes.


3.  $300-a-pound white cheddar cheese from the U.K.


4.  Gravy infused with a $3,650 bottle of Louis the Thirteenth cognac.


5.  Cranberry sauce featuring $250-per-dozen Japanese strawberries.


6.  A seafood stuffing made with lobster and $1,600-per-ounce caviar.


7.  Asparagus seasoned with $91-per-ounce Korean salt.


8.  Potatoes made with $850-a-pound European cheese, $150-an-ounce French butter, and $1,000-per-ounce truffles.


9.  Lots of expensive wines and champagnes.


10.  And a $50,000 seven-day yacht cruise afterwards, plus a $20,000 Black Friday shopping spree and four tickets to the Super Bowl.