Rules For Eating Your Way Through The Holidays Guilt-Free

Holiday Food Guilt Is The Worst

November 8, 2019

Credit: VeselovaElena


This is the time of year where we all WANT to be at our most fit...our goal weight...our ideal body image, whatever you call it. Sometimes we get there...sometimes we don't...sometime we are in the middle of that fitness journey SMACK DAB in the middle of the holidays. Holiday guilt is the WORST. Trust me, I hate beating myself up  year after year. On one hand, you don't want to feel like you're missing out because you don't get to eat like this often. On the other hand, you've worked so hard this far and you don't want to un-do all of your hard work. 

You eat stuffing once a year...should you skip it so you don't loathe yourself on the couch an hour after you eat it? Should you skip it and dream about stuffing in your sleep later on that night? 

I wish I knew the answer, but I really don't.  I've heard that you should be able to enjoy the holiday meal ( MEAL NOT WEEK) with out the guilt and throw it all out the window for that one meal.  I've heard you can enjoy what you like but in smaller portions. I've heard that you can pick and choose which carbs and fatty foods you like but only pick a few not ALL. 

I don't really know, I usually feel bad either way. If it's not that's the day after..and quite frankly...I'm DONE with it. 

According to THEFRISKY.COM, Here are some rules for eating your way through the holidays GUILT-FREE. 


DO eat a piece of pie or Christmas cookie anytime you want to and enjoy it without feeling guilty.

DO ditch your scale the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas … or maybe for the rest of the year.

DON’T let mean comments get to you, try to shake off critics like your miserable aunt.

DO give yourself permission to be more relaxed about diet and exercise during the holidays.

DON’T forget to eat healthy foods and lighter fare to balance out all those sweets and cheese.

DO keep moving with dancing, walking, ice skating, sledding, and strolling with your loved ones.

DON’T feel bad for spending more time being sedentary while watching movie marathons.

DO use your New Year’s resolution to focus on making a healthy lifestyle change instead of making it an excuse to hate on your body.

DON’T try to be “perfect” because it’s impossible, so just be kind to yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically and forgive yourself for slip-ups.

Now, will any of these work? I have no idea. If ya like....give it a try.