After Their Date, Some Loser Sent a Woman a 15-Point List of Critiques

How would you react if you got this list from a former date?

March 13, 2019



I'm going to go ahead and assume that these two are NOT going to have a second date. And I can't imagine anyone wanting to date this guy AFTER this. If he feels comfortable enough to someone he barely knows, can you imagine how he would be IN a relationship? That sounds like a fairytale doesn't it? Here's what happened. 

A 24-year-old woman in England says she went on one date with a guy back around December.  She never heard back after their date and he never called. Three months later, he sent her a list of 15 ways she could IMPROVE herself.

I want to see what this guy looks like so we can create a list for him. 



Here are all 15 critiques.  

1.  "If you lost some weight, you'd look incredible."  He said about 20 or 30 pounds.


2.  He told her she looked really pale and that a fake tan wouldn't hurt.


3.  Show more cleavage.


4.  "Wear clothes that suit your figure . . . so I'm not embarrassed to be seen with you."


5.  "Dye your hair a normal color, and add extensions.  Longer hair is more attractive."


6.  Stop wearing so much make-up.


7.  Apparently on their date, she talked about how she got lip injections once and regretted it.  But he told her she should get them again.


8.  "You need so much more confidence.  Confidence is sexy."  (That's a fun one right after seven insults in a row.)


9.  He said the fact that he didn't get a kiss at the end of the night hurt his feelings.  So she should be more sensitive and not be such a prude.


10.  He ripped on her for drinking a regular Coke instead of Diet, even though she ordered a salad.


11.  "Keep your past to a minimum.  I don't care [what] you went through."


12.  "Get a sense of humor.  You didn't laugh at a single one of my jokes."


13.  "You just seemed a bit stuck up.  Sort your personality out."


14.  "You made me feel bad when you offered to pay . . . like you thought I didn't have enough money after I TOLD you how much was in my account."


15.  "You didn't compliment me once."  (So yeah . . . if that guy IS real, he's obviously a keeper.)