Top Traits Of A Foodie

You know you're a foodie if......

August 19, 2019

Credit: Rawpixel


These days, everyone wants to be a foodie. Maybe that's because FOOD IS AMAZING!  If you know anything about me, you know I love all things food: buying it, cooking it, eating it...even writing about it. Everyone has a food blog (even me). If you think you are a foodie ( and 75% of people say they are ) check out these signs below. 

As for the most common traits of a foodie, the poll finds that 48% of people say it’s having a knowledge of food pairings, while 47% say most foodies are interested in the origin of foods, and 45% say they are folks who frequently try new food. Other top foodie traits include:


Being able to properly cook (44%)

Awareness of what foods are in season (41%)

Always have a restaurant recommendation (35%)

Eat healthy (35%)

Having a taste for wine (34%)

Fully stocked fridge (33%)

Always trying to get people to go out to eat (32%)

Own cookbooks (32%)

Traveled to a country for its food (31%)


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