Unspoken Rules To Follow On An Airplane

They should teach a class on this. Plane Etiquette...so many don't have it.

July 16, 2019

Credit: Diy13/gettyimages


How many times have you heard ( or been through) horror stories on a plane when traveling. You see someone with their BARE FEET propped up on the seat in front of them. Someone is clipping their nails in their row...so many things that happen while traveling that are just unacceptable.

My mother always reminds me of the day when people traveled dressed "to the 9's" when traveling in the air. "That is just how it was", she would say. 

Here are some unspoken rules for air travel according to ELITE DAILY. 

1.The Middle Seat Should Have Dibs On Both Armrests - There’s got to be one-perk for having the worst seat in the row.

2.If Your Luggage Doesn't Fit In The Overhead Bin, Check It - You’re not going to get past the desk...trust us!

3.Board Only When It's Your Group's Time - You will get embarrassed, if you don’t.

4.Don't Try To Rush To The Front Of The Plane When You Land - You’re allllllll the way in row 33. Come on now!

5.If You Have To Use The Restroom A Lot, Don't Sit In The Window Seat - The person at the end of the row is required to have one-courtesy “get up” for you.

6.Don't Open Your Window Shade When The Lights Are Off In The Cabin - It’s a 6am flight!!

Which ones would you add?