A Kind Story Of Someone Helping Out Shelter Dogs In The Most Creative Way

If you love dogs...you will LOVE this story.

June 27, 2019

Credit: GlobalP


Anyone that knows me, knows I have a HUGE soft spot for animals. ( As does Rick, if you can't tell by his 18 cats and 2 dogs) There was even talk of him adopting an alpaca at one point. 

I have had my fair share of foster animals that lived with us for some time until we could find them a suitable home. Some wound up getting adopted, and some wound up getting adopted by me. At this point, I only have a couple of cats, but over my life I have had 4 dogs and about 7 cats. (Not all at once) So, you can imagine how it makes me smile when I see people doing things like this. 

According to stillunfold.com, A 12-year-old boy from New Jersey decided to use his creativity and love of fashion to help create bowties for shelter dogs to help them get adopted. Every pup wants to look dapper for their new owner. His name is Darius Brown and he says he learned how to make these ties from his older sister. It's not just dogs that get the special treatment...there are bowties for our feline friends as well.  

According to the story, "When Darius was 11, he established “Beaux and Paws,” a pet couture company and now the young CEO donates his bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers around the country, to help give pets that extra something to make them stand out and catch the eye of potential adopters, so they can find forever homes."


Darius has been recognized by many in his efforts to help his fellow 4 legged friends. Cheers to Darius. xxoxoox