The Meaning Behind St. Patrick's Day

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

March 12, 2019



This Sunday many people will be wearing green and getting drunk ( in a nut shell ). If you're a little more tame, you're prepping your corned beef and cabbage and you have your green food coloring ready ( if you're anything like my mother) to dye everything in sight.

Then there are some people that ( although they like to partake in the celebrations, think it's a "useless" holiday. In actuality, it's a holy holiday. So, If you've ever wondered why the Irish celebrate this holiday, here is a simple explanation in a nut shell.

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. You probably already knew at least that much. He was a Christian missionary given credit with converting Ireland to Christianity (hence the patron saint part). In true holiday tradition, yes this was a very very long time ago. In fact, it was in the AD 400s. There are many legends surrounding his life that the truth is not easily found. Here is a little fun fact about our Saint. St Patrick was not actually Irish. Oh, the irony. 


So, today I'm going to teach you something that my mother (who is Irish) taught me when I was very little.  This Sunday, if someone says to you "Top of the Morning To Ya!", the proper response is, " And the rest of the day to you." 

And now you know. 

Cheers! Let's go have some green beer!