6 Workouts For Those Who Hate Working Out

If you hate working out, these workouts may be for you.

August 5, 2019

Credit: yacobchuk



According to Cnet.com, there is hope for you if you hate working out. We all know that we need to move to be healthy. Being completely sedintary just isn't healthy...so we're told. If you dislike the gym or group classes...maybe you hate running or walking like me....there are alternatives for you. 

Rock climbing - How high can you climb? Keep reaching for those rocks, and you’ll be showing off those toned muscles in no time!

Roller skating or rollerblading - You’re having so much fun gliding across the floor that you don’t realize what muscles you’re using to get around. Well...until the next morning when everything’s sore!

Acrobatics - It’s all about flexibility! Have fun bending your body in ways you didn’t think you could, all while getting in some cardio.

Be a Mermaid - As cute as this looks on you, it takes a heck of a lot of leg and core work to get yourself across the pool.

Dance - You know you can’t help yaself when yo jam comes on! Burn those calories to the beat!

Dodgeball - While you’re thinking about throwing the ball at the best player on the other team, you don’t realize how much cardio you’re getting in right now.