Woman Loses Clumps Of Hair Says Conditioner Bought At Store Was Mixed With Nair!

Wisconsin woman posted on Facebook photos of daughter's scalp.

August 1, 2019

Our hair already falls out enough on its own but just imagine if you were rinsing your hair and suddenly clumps just fell out into your hand? I would lose it so fast! Well that's exactly what happened to a girl in Wisonsin.

Taffy Jo Timm shared what happened to her daughter, Ashley Rose, on Facebook. Timm said her daughter bought Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume conditioner at her local Walmart last week. When Ashley Rose used it her hair began to fall out and Timm says "someone mixed nair in her conditioner bottle!!!!” 

Timm said that the police and detectives are going to be watching camera footage. Ashley Rose posted photos of bald spots seen throughout her scalp in a Facebook post. 

What is going on with our world that someone would think this is funny? We have women licking our ice cream and putting it back. We have a woman recording her daughter licking a tongue depressor at her doctors office. The latest, a woman peeing on potatoes. Is this what we have become with the world of instant fame via viral videos? Pretty pathetic and disgusting. ~grace