Drag Queen Career Day

Career Day at a Colorado middle school includes a drag queen.

October 24, 2018



So, parents are all crazed about the school having a drag queen speaking in the middle school during career day.

I worked with RuPaul for a couple of years on the radio and I like drag shows, so nothing about it offends me, nor do I care about the career choice, lifestyle etc.

I don't see how this is going to corrupt any young minds or turn any child into Satan (might get some make-up tips though).

My point on this is simple, these kids DO NOT belong to the school. They belong to the parents, and the parents are the ones to decide if a drag queen is a proper speaker at a middle school career day. Not an academic, not the school board or principal.

The parents should have been consulted. Even the drag queen agreed that this was not the way to handle this.

In the comment section of the original article, there are all kinds of analogies about career day speakers such as strippers, satanists, murderers, scientologists, terrorists, cannibals etc. And there are a lot of really narrow-minded, prejudiced and downright hateful people out there,but all of the education in the world is not going to change that with some, unfortunately.  

However, you can't circumvent the parents.

This school's staff involved knew full well what they were doing. It's seeping out all over the spokesperson's face. 

I think most academics believe they know better about what's good for your kid than you do because you're just not as evolved as they are.

I was brought up around the public education system and my mom taught high school for 32 years. I felt the air of superiority and the disdain the majority of administrators had for parents even when I was very young.

Bottom line, these kids DO NOT BELONG TO THEM.

Anyway, what do you think?

See the comments here. They are very crazy, scary and some make sense. 

Rick Stacy