The Ten Worst Things You Can Do at a Party

With the holiday season upon us, Here is some "party etiquette" you might need to know.

November 6, 2019

Credit: monkeybusinessimages


The holiday season is here and some of ya'll need to get your %^&*( together. Have you ever been to a party and seen some people do some CRAZY things that make you go "Where in the world are YOU from?" or "Who does that?"

I know I've hosted some parites hwere I've reaied an eyebrow or both. If you are either hosting or attending ANY parties this are some things NOT to do according to the NYTIMES


1.  Show up sick.


2.  Ask for food or a type of drink that isn't already out.


3.  Be the last one to leave.


4.  Get too drunk.


5.  Show up early.


6.  Be on your phone all night.


7.  Talk about politics too much.


8.  Show up without RSVPing.


9.  Spill something.


10.  Not bring food if it's a potluck.