Governor Of California Signs Health Care Bill To Give Free Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

No free healthcare for veterans or homeless people, but free healthcare for illegal immigrants???

July 11, 2019

Credit: Mario Tama / Staff


Here is how I really feel:

California is a cesspool. Crap on the streets, homeless people everywhere and free needles. This crap-stick governor should be impeached for slapping every LEGAL immigrant in the face in his state.

My parents came from Cuba, worked hard and did it legally.

This POS is using your money to pay for healthcare for people that started their stay here by BREAKING OUR LAWS. NOT HELPING HOMELESS AMERICANS, NOT THE POOR OF CALIFORNIA, BUT LAW-BREAKING, CITIZENS OF ANOTHER COUNTRY!

This is actually against the law. 

Here is the full story. 

On Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law State Bill 104, which now extends health care benefits to illegal immigrants between the ages of 19-25, in addition to the law that already had guaranteed coverage to illegal immigrants under the age of 19.

The Hill noted, “The bill, introduced earlier this year, is estimated to cover about 90,000 low-income residents overall and comes with a roughly $98 million price tag.”

The bill states:

The federal Medicaid program prohibits payment to a state for medical assistance furnished to an alien who is not lawfully admitted for permanent residence or otherwise permanently residing in the United States under color of law.

Existing law requires that individuals under 19 years of age enrolled in restricted-scope Medi-Cal at the time the Director of Health Care Services makes a determination that systems have been programmed for implementation of these provisions be enrolled in the full scope of Medi-Cal benefits, if otherwise eligible. Existing law requires the department to maximize federal financial participation in implementing the provisions.

This bill would extend eligibility for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to individuals 19 to 25 years of age, inclusive, and who are otherwise eligible for those benefits but for their immigration status. This bill would additionally require the department to claim federal financial participation to the extent that the department determines it is available, and to the extent that federal financial participation is not available, would require the department to use state funds. Because counties are required to make eligibility determinations and this bill would expand Medicaid eligibility, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

(And YES, I'm allowed to post my personal opinion on my blog. So, there's that. )