The BBQ Struggle Is Real

I prefer dry rub, myself.

March 22, 2018
bbq on a grill

Photo credit Dreamstime

Last week one of the fine bar be que restaurants came in with samples of their fare. It was good. It was really good.

And I spent awhile talking with the owner about my favorites in Clermont. Uncle Kenny's brisket is a favorite and I love Jack's - the place to go after football games for decades. I always made Mom take me there when I visited. One visit we visited late in the day and I told them I'd have everything they had left. ;)

Look, I like almost any version of bar be que. But when I make a rack of ribs I usually use a dry rub. I highly recommend Penzey's for spices. There used to be a brick and mortar store in Winter Park. But you can still get their products online.

And I've lived all over the country so I know from tomato base, mustard and vinegar, etc, etc... I was unaware of MAYONNAISE - WHAT?!

The fine folks at The Takeout have had a serious gander (and taste) of the commonly available over-the-counter selections and broken it down for us.

Based on their info matched with your taste preferences, this should be helpful info!