Hooters Gets Meatless Wings

Would you eat these "Impossible Wings"?

January 9, 2020
hooters meatless wings

Credit: Anastasiia Vopilina


According to PEOPLE magazine, there is a new plant based leader in town. 

Plant-based proteins, like tGERDEIN, BEYOND MEAT and THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER are all popular, and now HOOTERS is jumping on board with the Impossible “Unreal Wings.”

They’re “vegetarian, non-GMO, soy-free and sustainably produced,” according to the restaurant, and they’re made with Quorn, a company that’s been making meat alternatives since back in the 80s. These meatless wings are supposed to have the same texture and crispiness as the famous traditional hooters wings. 

Hooters tried to trick their own servers by seeing if they could tell the difference with the add HERE. 

Hooters claims Quorn’s wings are “100% carnivore approved and even the most loyal meat eaters won’t believe Unreal Wings.”