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Feed the Need Florida

4 Rivers Smokehouse Is Helping To Feed The Need

Since launching in March in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Feed the Need Florida , a statewide public and private collaboration led by Orlando nonprofit 4Roots and 4 Rivers Restaurant Group, has distributed more than one million meals to people in need. Listen to 4R Restaurant Group CEO... Read More
masks in Florida

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.28.20

SUNNY Update - Broward County says masks are mandatory even inside your own home. Crazy Talk - TikTok could be spying on you for China. Weird News - A Google glitch causes x-rated material to appear on a public transit website. Read More
elderly man

Seminole County Sheriff Officer Helps Homeless Veteran

I know we see homeless people often and I know for me, it not only breaks my heart but I often wonder what happened that got them to this point. I help when I can with either cash, food or I give to our local homeless shelter, Coalition for the Homeless. If we see homeless persons often imagine... Read More
Joe Biden

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.27.20

SUNNY Update - Joe Biden refers to Arizona as a city. Crazy Talk - Washington's NFL team will use the name 'Washington Football Team' for their 2020 season. Weird News - Doctors are being shamed for 'unprofessional' beach photos. Read More
Mike Tyson

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.24.20

SUNNY Update - Washington finds a temporary name for their NFL team. Crazy Talk - Mike Tyson is getting ready for another fight. Weird News - An angry California woman's excuse for not wearing a mask into Panera Bread. Read More
cat in a car

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.23.20

SUNNY Update - MLB games will now feature sound effects to make up for the lack of a crowd. Crazy Talk - Ellen DeGeneres might be meaner than people think. Weird News - Rick Stacy rescues a litter of kittens from a car's engine. Read More

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.22.20

SUNNY Update - Dr. Fauci will throw the first pitch on MLB Opening Day. Crazy Talk - Unused celebrity tour buses are now available for rent. Weird News - A California sperm bank is now offering curbside service due to coronavirus. Read More

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.21.20

SUNNY Update - Acne is on the rise due to the constant wearing of face masks. Crazy Talk - Kanye West creates a new political party. Weird News - Jill is back in the studio after getting a negative result on her COVID test. Read More