High Paying Trade Jobs Are Sitting Empty

Should students rethink going to a four year university?
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Rick Stacy On Demand 12.13.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A senior couple from the UK are facing drug trafficking charges after trying to smuggle 22 pounds of cocaine on a cruise ship. SUNNY Update - Michael Cohen gets 3 years in prison, a new baseball stadium for the Florida Gators, and a restraining order for a Lakeland sixth...
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Santa Claus

How Many Days, Hours And Minutes Until Christmas

Get your letter or email into Santa!
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Here Is Your Perfect Christmas

According to a new survey, these things in combination make the perfect Christmas. If you have kids you know this first one is a load. Here we go! Waking up at 7:56 A.M. - If you have young children you are probably up before the sun is up. If you have teenagers, you may not get to open presents...
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Christmas shopping

The Average Holiday Shopper Will Spend $530 This Season

Only two-thirds will not finance any of their holiday purchases.
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Rick Stacy On Demand 12.12.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Rick's got a problem with squirrels chewing on the wires in his attic. SUNNY Update - Passengers trapped on the Disney monorail, the Baldwin Park crane house has been fixed, and Jimmy Dean's issues with metal shavings. Crazy Talk - TIME Magazine's Person of the Year, Star...
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List Of Most Popular Dog Names Of The Year

Did your dog's name make this year's most popular doggie name list?
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flu shot

Rick Stacy On Demand 12.11.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Rick talks about why you should get your flu shot. SUNNY Update - Orlando wants more money for parking violations, a drunken Uber driver, and the challenges of having sex in space. Crazy Talk - The best Christmas movie of all time, an interesting study about sex dreams, and...
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Study: You Shouldn't Drink Coffee Right After You Wake Up

Need a java fix don't do it first thing when you wake up!
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The CDC Is Giving A Very Important Warning This Holiday Season

With the holidays here, naturally there will be a lot of baking. Whether its cookies, cakes or other sweets, we all know the best part is tasting that cookie batter that we know is bad for us. If it's so bad for us THEN WHY DOES IT TASTE SO GOOD???!!! The CDC has a very important warning for you...
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