full moon

Next Full Moon On Friday The 13th?

Next Full Moon On Friday The 13th?
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Win $50,000 By Guessing New Mystery Oreo Flavor

Last time Nabisco did this contest was in 2017.
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black bear

Longwood Neighborhood Protective Of It’s Black Bears

FWC says bear must be destroyed after report of biting a resident.
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Rick Stacy On Demand 9.12.19

Clip O The Day - Hasbro is coming out with a new version of Monopoly where women make more than men. SUNNY Update - 2020 presidential candidates are using more profanity to appeal to their audience. Crazy Talk - A Face/Off movie remake is in the works. News of the Weird - A French airline files for...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 9.11.19

Clip O The Day - A new survey says 37% of parents prefer their pets to their kids. SUNNY Update - A Massachusetts Tesla driver was filmed sleeping while traveling down the highway. Crazy Talk - After being arrested for fraud, Joe Guidice says ICE is inhumane for keeping him from his family. News of...
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Taste The Best Of Central Florida Cuisine

Taste the best of Central Florida's cuisine at the 30th Anniversary Taste! Central Florida on September 14 at Orlando World Center Marriott.
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open toe shoe

New Trend: Big-Toe Only Shoe Selling Out!

This is one ugly shoe and a trend I'll pass on thank you.
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boy charity

Boy Used His Disney World Savings To Help Dorian Victims

The South Carolina boy gave up his vacation money.
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Local Officer Rescues Puppy From Flooded Car Named 'Dorian'

Orange County officer rescued a puppy found in car.
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dancing woman

Watch Elderly Woman Dance By Herself To Elvis!

We should all have this kind of energy and spirit! Video of Elderly Woman Dances to the Beat of Her Own Drum in Toluca’s Main Square
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