Smokey Bear

Betty White Wishes Her "Shirtless Friend" Smokey Bear A Happy 75th Birthday!

Only Betty White can get away with a cute flirty message!
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Is Your Workplace Prepped For A Hurricane?

Got your home ready for a hurricane? What about your business?
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Rubiks Cube

Kid Breaks Record For Solving Rubik's Cube With His Feet

Teen holds record solving Rubiks Cube in 16.9 seconds.
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Rick Stacy On Demand 8.12.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Science proves Ozzy Osbourne is a genetic mutant. SUNNY Update - Mike Tyson shares words of wisdom with an Alabama football team. Crazy Talk - Miley Cyrus announces her separation from Liam Hemsworth. News Of The Weird - A company is making vodka in the radioactive...
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elderly person

A Stranger Comforts A 96-Year Old Woman During Her First Flight

A man befriends this elderly woman even holding her hand during the flight.
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400 Pound Alligator Suspected Of Eating 100 Pound Dog Caught

Dog owner heartbroken over 'Tank.'
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doorbell camera

Rick Stacy On Demand 8.9.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Ring customers can now give police direct access to their doorbell camera footage. SUNNY Update - If elected president, Bernie Sanders promises to tell us about the aliens. Crazy Talk - Thanks to an update from Amazon, you can now change the sped of Alexa's speech. News Of...
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pets park

Orlando Is A Top Pet Friendly City

Wallethub has listed the Top Ten pet friendly cities in the U.S.
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toy magnets

Rick Stacy On Demand 8.8.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Doctors are warning parents about the dangers of small toy magnets. SUNNY Update - UCF's Alpha Delta Pi sorority has been suspended over allegations of misconduct. Crazy Talk - Fans are excited to see actress Ruby Rose as lesbian super-hero, Batwoman. News Of The Weird - A...
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rocket launch

Beautiful Launch For ULA Atlas Rocket V This Morning

Seeing rockets launched from your backyard is awesome!
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