haunted room

Stay At A Spooky Replica Of The Addams Family Mansion!

Perfect for Halloween staying at rooms recreated from the Addams Family Mansion movie!
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cheap candy

Rick Stacy On Demand 10.11.19

Some neighborhoods aren't letting residents hand out cheap or small candy this Halloween, an invasive Chinese fish that can live on land is taking over, Mattel has unveiled Judge Barbie, and an Oklahoma woman tries to sell a stolen building on Facebook.
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ice cream tub

Recall Blue Bell Butter Crunch Ice Cream

Blue Bell issued recall over 'foreign object' in ice cream.
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Rick Stacy On Demand 10.10.19

A bride shares a gross wedding day confession with her groom , a man disguises himself as a doctor to try and evade police, Toys R Us is back thanks to Target, and today is Jill's birthday!
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fish head

Invasive Snakehead Fish Can Survive On Land Found In Georgia

Officials want invasive snakehead fish destroyed immediately.
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ARToberFEST is celebrating 12 years of exceptional art, tasty German food, music and more! It all takes place on October 19th and 20th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Blumberg Blvd in Winter Springs.
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dog owner

New Study Finds Dog Owners Live Longer

Study suggests owning a dog linked to healthier life.
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Oviedo Looking Into Adding Apartments To Save Oviedo Mall

New residential adult-community may become part of Oviedo Mall.
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Rick Stacy On Demand 10.9.19

You can now get married at McDonald's, Washington D.C. is full of whistle-blowers and Rick talks to one of them, Honey BooBoo's Mama June is sellling her house, and a New Hampshire man legally named 'Nobody' is running for mayor.
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Brad Haynes

Former Orlando News Anchor Wendy Chioji Dies From Breast Cancer

Wendy was a local anchor for twenty years who battled breast cancer since 2001.
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