The US Surpasses 100,000 Deaths From Coronavirus

While the US remains at the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis, the country has just surpassed a shocking milestone amidst the pandemic. The country has just tracked over 100,000 deaths from the virus.
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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Improve the Travel Industry

The coronavirus pandemic is bringing forth some positive and much-needed changes for the the travel industry including touchless technology, less time spent waiting in line, and faster check in. Read more.
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Man Self-Isolates in Train Station While Operating the Locomotives Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A man is self isolating in a train station while getting to drive them during the coronavirus pandemic. The United Kingdom resident described his experience.
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Home From Hospital, Man Wonders: How 'Negative' Was That Coronavirus Test?

A Philadelphia man who had symptoms of the coronavirus for nearly a month is finally recovering at home. His experience shows that a COVID-19 diagnosis can still be a slippery thing.
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People Are Throwing Away Stimulus Debit Cards Thinking It's Junk Mail

Earlier this month, the Treasury Department reported that it would begin issuing some stimulus checks via prepaid debit cards in the mail. If you have junk mail, don’t throw it away because it may be your stimulus check on a debit card.
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Germaphobe Howie Mandel Reveals How He's Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic

Howie Mandel is taking extra precautions to manage his OCD amid the coronavirus pandemic. The judge and known germaphobe admitted that he’s relying on therapy to deal with the anxiety caused by the outbreak. Read more now.
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An Extra $450 a Week? What to Know About the Newly Proposed ‘Back-to-Work’ Bonus

Officials are considering a weekly ‘back-to-work’ bonus that will pay unemployed Americans returning to work $450 a week in coronavirus relief aid. Learn about the proposal.
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Are Stimulus Checks Causing Tax Refunds to Be Delayed?

Are you still waiting on your tax refund? You’re not the only one. Many Americans have expressed frustration after waiting months for a tax refund instead of the usual 21 days. Find out what the IRS said about the delays.
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Disney World Proposes Reopening Parks in July

On Wednesday, Walt Disney World Resort executives revealed a phased plan to reopen its Magic Kingdom and Disney Animal Kingdom on Saturday, July 11 and Epcott and Disney Hollywood Studios on Wednesday, July 15.
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Pizza Hut Is Giving Away Half a Million Pizzas to 2020 Grads

Pizza Hut has teamed up with America’s dairy farmers to give away 500,000 pizzas to graduating high school seniors and their families, as a way to give “some much-needed joy” amid the ongoing coronavirus health crisis.
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social distancing elevator

Rick Stacy On Demand 5.27.20

Social distancing measures are becoming the new normal, Space X has a historic launch planned for today, Lori Loughlin might be doing actual prison time for her role in the college bribery scandal, and one man's sexual obsession with flip-flops.

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