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I’m an Italian girl from New Jersey. I come from a big family. Picture “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with Italians. I’m loud and I’m about to marry a Colombian, so the family will just get EVEN louder.

I talk a lot, have big hair, love to drink wine, I love to cook, I love music, live shows, drinking beer on the beach and wearing lots of bracelets.

I have a super funny tiny human named, Elliot – my son. I have a bad habit of taking in stray or homeless animals. I’m 99.9 % happy most of the time…some people find this annoying.

I love to shop and try new restaurants. My guilty pleasure is sunglasses and boots. On a weekend you can find me anywhere from a patio drinking wine to watching a game and usually laughing a lot. I’m a fan of funny movies, champagne, the New York Giants, Orlando City, Orlando Magic and UCF. I was a dance major in college, graduated with a degree in Journalism and wound up on your radio…go figure! If you see me out and need me to do a little twirl for you to prove it…I will. Xoxoxo ​

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