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Welcome to "Live from the Living Room" with all of the latest from FOX 35's primetime shows like Lucifer, The Resident, LA to Vegas, Lethal Weapon, New Girl, Empire, Star, Gotham, Showtime at the Apollo and MasterChef Junior. Each week, we'll feature highlights from previous episodes, along with what to expect. 

FOX 35 Primetime Line-Up

Lucifer @ 8PM

The Resident @ 9PM

Lethal Weapon @ 8PM

LA to Vegas @ 9PM

New Girl @ 9:30PM

Empire @ 8PM

Star @ 9PM

Gotham @ 8PM

Showtime at the Apollo @ 9PM 

MasterChef Jr. @ 8PM

Then, for powerhouse news coverage, watch FOX 35 News at 10 - The News Station! 

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