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Drunk At The Liquor Store

Police enjoy burgers during a stand-off at In & Out Burger, melted chocolate covers a German roadway, and a drunken liquor store owner.

Stupid Steph Curry

DWTS takes a break, the biggest Google searches of 2018, and Steph Curry still thinks the moon landing was faked.

6th Grade Restraining Order

Michael Cohen gets 3 years in prison, a new baseball stadium for the Florida Gators, and a restraining order for a Lakeland sixth grader.

Coke-Smuggling Seniors

A senior couple from the UK are facing drug trafficking charges after trying to smuggle 22 pounds of cocaine on a cruise ship.

Facebook's Year In Review

Millennials have a hard time opening canned goods, soiled undies via Uber Eats, and your dreaded Facebook Year In Review video.

Oscar Host Auditions

TIME Magazine's Person of the Year, Star Wars 9 has some heavy script security, and there might not be a host for the Oscars.