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I remember going to see the movie American Graffiti when I was a kid, seeing Wolf Man Jack rock the radio and telling my dad that when I grew up that’s what I wanted to be. Like all fathers he kind of dismissed me, but 4 years later I was playing the Lutheran Hour on a local radio station in Ft. Collins Colorado. One year after that I was doing overnights in Fargo, North Dakota at a 100,000 watt fm station. I caught the fever young and 30 plus years later I’m still going strong.

I feel I’ve truly been blessed working in cities like New York, L.A., Dallas, Atlanta, Oklahoma City and now the most visited city in the world, Orlando. I remember getting the call from my buddy Rick Stacy, who I worked with in the 80’s at a station in Atlanta. He said, “How would you like to play the music we grew up with, stuff we really like?” I was sold and two weeks later I was here in Orlando driving people home on 1059 SUNY FM. If you listen to my show you know I have a side kick in life and her name is Zoe. She is my beautiful little girl and we do everything together. That’s what makes living here in Orlando so awesome. We have Mickey Mouse down the road, Harry Potter nearby, Shamu ready to splash us, and, not to mention, the beaches and the weather. Tune me in every day 3p-7p and you will get the best music of all time and my twisted perspective on life just may make you smile. We truly do have a great family working here at SUNNY, all tied together by our great love of music and the positive impact it has on our every day lives. And just to make sure I never get a big head, I think my little girl Zoe said it best…”I’m the radio superstar. My daddy just pushes the buttons.”