Grace Vasquez

Mon-Fri: 9AM

I was born in a small town…kidding! I’m from TEXAS baby! I consider myself a Texican! Flags I display proudly at our home, American, Texas, Dallas Cowboys and Iron Maiden (long story).

I landed in Florida 2000 and have graced (pun intended) your radio since then. I did mornings 2000-2006 with Doc and Johnny at XL1067. Doc and I went Country with The Doc and Grace Morning Show at K923 from ’06 to ’13.

My next radio stop began in 2013 here at 1059 SUNNY FM! I rocked nights with my 80’s at 8 for about 8 months (loved it btw) before Rick Stacy bullied me into doing mornings with him and now I grace (another intended pun) The Rick Stacy Morning Show (I’m still working on getting name credit on the show). I go solo from 9 to 10 for The Office Party or as the boys call it, my “call in talk show.” Whatevs!