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Rick Stacy On Demand 1.10.20

Rick's got a list of the gross things couples do together, ABC aired their Jeffrey Epstein special, The Bachelor is being made into a musical, and a new study says beards make men feel more confident.
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Grubhub Reveals What Foods Couples And Singles Order On Valentine’s Day

Some sort of enjoyment of edible items is part of the Valentine's Day ritual but what is the fave for couples?
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Couples Share The Unromantic Moments That Prove They Found "The One"

Not every love story is romantic...especially some of these.
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Four Out of Five People Gain "Love Weight" in a Relationship

We have all been in that phase. The "happy phase", where you stay in with your partner and order take out and be happy on the couch together holding hands. So, if you are single and sad about it...don't be. Here are the top reasons that couples gain weight ( and how you can combat that- that's the...
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Man Wants Divorce Over Wife Salting Popcorn

He felt she was unfaithful to his wishes after salting their popcorn when he asked her not to.
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