sleep divorce

Rick Stacy On Demand 11.8.19

Sleeping in separate beds could improve your relationship, a New Zealand politician coins a hot new phrase, Harry Potter's house is up for rent on AirBnb, and a UK study says women are better drivers than men.
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lab rats

Study Rats Learned How To Drive Tiny Rat Cars

Scientists say their study of driving rats could help with Parkison's.
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Orlando Makes List Of Best Driving Cities In America!

The City Beautiful on another list this time for being great for drivers.
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Foster Youth Driver's Licenses Are Keys To Independence

Keys to Independence is a program funded by the Department of Children and Families that helps teens in foster care get their driver's licenses.
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D'oh! Driver Caught With Homer Simpson Fake Drivers License!

Well this joke went south quickly. A UK driver thought it would be funny to present a fake driver's license to a cop at a traffic stop. A Homer Simpson's driver's license . While the cop may have been amused he ended slapping the motorist with two tickets, one for driving without a proper licence,...
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