Free School Lunch

Here's How To Get Free School Meals

Listen to Lora Gilbert from OCPS talk about the free meal program on SUNNY Across Central Florida.
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McDonald's Explains Why a Viral 24-Year-Old Burger Didn't Decompose

A recent, viral TikTok showed how a 24-year-old McDonald’s meal still looked good as new, even through its aging. Now, McDonald’s is explaining why the burger and fries didn’t decompose as one might expect.
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Dairy Queen Releasing New Pumpkin Cookie Butter Shake

It may be the dog days of summer, but Dairy Queen is all about the sweater weather. The chain is launching a new Pumpkin Cookie Butter Shake, which you will be able to enjoy poolside.
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A Spoon Full of Hope

Second Harvest Food Bank Offers A Spoon Full Of Hope

Listen to Nancy Brumbaugh, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida Food Service Director, talk about Spoon Full of Hope on SUNNY Across Central Florida.
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Meals of Love

Meals Of Love Delivers Restaurant-Prepared Food To Homebound Seniors And Disabled Adults

Meals of Love delivers fresh, restaurant-prepared meals to seniors and disabled adults as a response to the Covid -19 pandemic.
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Convoy of Hope

Calvary Orlando To Give Free Groceries On Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, Calvary Orlando is partnering with Convoy of Hope to give out two truckloads of free groceries.
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Wine Pairings For Super Bowl Foods

Here Are Some Wine Pairings For Your Super Bowl Foods

Foods and wines that fo together for the Super Bowl
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7 Unique Snacks for Your Holiday Party

Families and friends gather year after year for the holidays, and every good host knows to provide snacks while the main course is in the oven. But you can only make grandma’s special pudding so many times in one life. This year make something new, something that will excite your guests for their...
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Scientist Creates the World’s Tiniest Gingerbread House

‘Tis the season for microscopic holiday treats. Put away your baking ingredients because a Canadian scientist has created the world’s smallest “gingerbread house” using an electron microscope, reported the New York Post . Love gingerbread houses but too many calories? The CCEM's got you covered!...
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6 Holiday Sangria Recipes You Need for Your Winter Gathering

Sangria is always festive. The wine-based punch, filled with sliced fruit and delicious vino, is always a crowd-pleaser. But combine the Spanish concoction with seasonal holiday ingredients and you get a superior Christmas punch perfect to wash down all those holiday goodies with. Celebrate...
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