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Gifts Mom's Really Want But Can't Ask For!

A mom’s dream gift list is filled with things you can’t actually buy.
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STEM Gifts

Challenge Your Kids With STEM Gifts This Christmas

What are your kids getting for Christmas this year? How about toys that will help strengthen their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills? Listen to Seminole Science Charter School teacher Ramona Lattaile talk about STEM gifts on SUNNY Across Central Florida.
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No, You Don't Have To Buy Your Boss A Holiday Gift!

You should not feel you're obligated to buy your boss a gift.
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Worst gifts to give someone

Are These the Ten Worst Gifts You Can Give Someone?

Here comes another survey from the survey folks who make money doing surveys. I have to say...I tend to disagree with a lot of surveys, but this one is rather odd. It's a list of the WORST gifts you could give someone, but I have to say I like most of them. Here we go. 1. Shower gel .- I mean, if...
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Martha Stewarts Holiday Guide Is Out

Martha Stewart’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here

Oprah has one...Ellen has one...and now MARTHA'S is out TOO! I'm talking about the favorite things Christmas list extravaganza. Martha Stewart just came out with her gift guide. Now, sometimes these lists can be rather pricey. In this case there is a range for everyone. Some presents are 100 bucks...
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Planning A Wedding? Try Goodwill...Really!

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida has a special area in their Winter Park location that sells pre-owned (sometimes designer) wedding dresses, gifts and reception decor.
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Survey: What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

Presents moms are least likely to ask for are breakfast in bed, electronics, and kitchen items.
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Here Are The Top Gifts Your Lady Does NOT Want For Valentine's Day

Have you ever received a bad gift on a romantic holiday? I have. Not that they weren't thoughtful. They were, but when your boyfriend or husband ( Or wife or girlfriend) gets you something that you NEED rather than something that you want. Let me explain. I had a boyfriend once say, "HAPPY...
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This Man Invented an Ever-Lasting Electronic Flower as a Present for His Wife

The gift is next level
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