Creepy Crawl 5K Supports Hemophilia Foundation

Support the Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida at the 2018 Orlando Creepy Crawl on October 27th at Lake Baldwin in Baldwin Park.
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SupermanHPV Returns

Last January, Jason Mendelsohn (Superman HPV) tallked about his battle with HPV Oral Cancer on SUNNY Across Central Florida. Jason returned to give us an update on his condition and to tell us about two upcoming fundraising events.
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Healthy Start Coalition Celebrates Motherhood

The Healthy Start Coalition of Orange County invites you to join them at the Celebration of Motherhood on May 9th at 8:30 a.m. at Leu Gardens.
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How We Swallow 114 Pieces Of Plastic With Every Meal

Study finds household dust containing soft furnishings and synthetic fabrics fall onto dinner plates. Yummy.
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