Jill Had Her Heart Ablation Surgery And Here Is How It Went

So, I did the thing. YAY! Hopefully this works and I don't have to deal with this faulty ticker from this point forward. A few weeks ago I was strapped to a heart monitor (I got to take it off right before the SUNNY Slumber Party thank GOODNESS). They determined that I had persistent Atrial...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 5.10.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Rick has to have a heart stent replaced this weekend. He's optimistic about the procedure. SUNNY Update - Research says that sunscreen ingredients are actually getting into your bloodstream. Crazy Talk - A dating site exclusively for beautiful people lists the traits that...
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Jill Lets You Know Where She's Been

Health. It's a tricky thing. You can do everything right and still be diagnosed with an illness from time to time. Eating healthy, exercise, low blood pressure, good cholesterol, regular doctor check ups, lots of water, not smoking...yet, sometimes ...life happens. Or in my case ...Monday happened...
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Heart hands at a concert

Classic Rock's 5 Greatest Love Songs of All Time

There are many classic rock ballads and anthems (and even torch songs) that speak of love and longing and heartbreak. Here are five that most people are likely to agree are GREAT love songs, and are at least somewhere in the running for the five GREATEST love songs of all time.
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Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart Perform at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on August 24, 2016

Heart Reuniting on All-Female Tour

The "Barracuda" band is back after a family dispute
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Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson's Untold GRAMMY Awards Fear

Why the Heart singer wasn't completely disappointed she didn't win
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Ann Wilson and Chris Cornell

Ann Wilson Releases Video for Chris Cornell Tribute

"I Am the Highway" appears on recent 'Immortal' album
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Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

Heart Reveals Guests On New Live Album

Plus Watch "Lost Angel" from 'Live in Atlantic City'
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Ann Wilson performs at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre

Ann Wilson Opens Up About 'Immortal' Songs

Heart singer breaks down the tracks on her tribute to rockers lost
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Musicians Ann Wilson (L) and Nancy Wilson perform onstage

Wilson Sisters Talking; Heart Reunion "Looking Really Good"

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Heart haven’t been on the road since a sisterly falling out in 2016. Ann Wilson ’s husband was arrested for assaulting Nancy Wilson ’s teenage son on a tour bus, and things haven’t been the same since. But there are new developments involving the Wilson sisters. During...
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