Rick Stacy On Demand 11.27.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Rick talks philanthropy in recognition of Giving Tuesday. SUNNY Update - Google is watching your every move, people protest as Amazon takes over the world, and Colorado faces new marijuana problems. Crazy Talk - The loneliest day of the year,'s word of the...
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yellow socks

Rick Stacy On Demand 11.12.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Rick forgot to pack his fancy socks for Jill's wedding and had to wear a slightly less flattering pair. SUNNY Update - Tales from Jill's wedding, a killer kills to prevent more killing, and President Trump's motorcade is chased by topless protesters. Crazy Talk - The...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 10.23.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A modern day replica of the RMS Titanic, called the Titanic II, is ready to set sail in 2022. SUNNY Update - A broken water main floods downtown Orlando, a new disorder, and tonight's Mega Millions drawing. Crazy Talk - The top websites that shaped the internet, Bob Barker...
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Will Canada Marijuana Legalization Impact The US

So cannabis is now legal in Canada. But that’s Canada. As in, anyone who has any bright ideas of buying there and bringing it home to the United States ought to think twice. Customs and Border Patrol is warning American citizens that crossing the border with marijuana from Canada is a violation of...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 10.17.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A Wyoming woman running for city council also happens to sell her used underwear online. SUNNY Update - Canada makes marijuana legal nationwide, Disney raises the price on everything, and Trump calls into the show. The 3 BIG Things You Don't Need To Know - Roseanne gets...
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confused doctor

Rick Stacy On Demand 10.11.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - TNT is working on a new medical diagnosis reality show. SUNNY Update - New information on the tragic NY limo crash, people hide when they're sick, and the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. The 3 BIG Things You Don't Need To Know - Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News gets divorced,...
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kids books

Rick Stacy On Demand 10.1.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Chelsea Clinton is coming out with a children's book. That got Rick thinking; what if Bill Clinton wrote a children's book? SUNNY Update - A creepy looking asteroid, grossly irresponsible parents, and President Trump is love with Kim Jong Un. The 3 BIG Things You Don't Need...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 9.28.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - After a late night in downtown Orlando, Smokestack gets trapped in an elevator with a bunch on drunk people. SUNNY Update - A Lake County school gets a suspicious powder in the mail, overpriced things, and the Kavanaugh hearings get intense. Crazy Talk - Why men hide in the...
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Rick Stacy 9.19.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A Maine restaurant smokes their lobsters with marijuana before boiling them. SUNNY Update - SunPass still can't get their act together, Flagler county deputies have nothing to do, and Yusaku Maezawa has yet to decide who he's taking to the moon with him. The 3 BIG Things...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 9.14.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A newspaper in Uranus, Missouri gets flack for changing its name. SUNNY Update - A gas explosion rocks Massachusetts, more marijuana washes ashore in Flagler county, and people who are NOT evacuating for Hurricane Florence. Crazy Talk - An NFL dream job, the side effects of...
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