The Masked Singer

masked dancers

Rick Stacy On Demand 1.8.20

FOX's 'The Masked Singer' gets a spin-off called 'The Masked Dancer', Meatloaf shares his opinion of Greta Thunberg, Miley Cyrus gets her father's hairdo, and dairy company Borden files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
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All Clues Point To Patti LaBelle As 'The Flower'

Last night on The Masked Singer on FOX 35, a new set of contestants were revealed, with one of them instantly gaining unanimous guesses not only because of the clues...but also because of the unmistakable voice. We're pretty sure we agree that The Flower will turn out to be the one and only Patti...
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Who Is The Masked Singer?

But Really, Who Is 'The Masked Singer'?

These are definitely, probably the celebrities behind the Monster, Bee, and Peacock
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