[WATCH] Apollo 11 Mission In Real Time

This is really cool. You Tube is running the Apollo 11 Mission in real time! This happened today, 50 years ago July 16th, 1969. The work for this rebroadcast goes to Ben Feist who painstakingly stitched together NASA audio files, transcripts, Mission Control loops, images and video to create an...
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Armstrong Sons, Filmmaker Defend Moon Landing In 'First Man'

NEW YORK (AP) — The sons of Neil Armstrong are defending Damien Chazelle's docudrama about the moon landing after conservative pundits decried the film's lack of emphasis on the American flag's planting on the lunar surface. In a joint statement Friday, Rick and Mark Armstrong, along with "First...
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Boy Bullied For Two Different Eye Colors, Cleft Lip Gets Lookalike Cat

Bullied for his differences, a young boy gets a cat that looks just like him.
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