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A Wearable 'Meat Patch' To Help Vegans Curb Cravings For Bacon

Vegan company creates patch to help wean vegans off meat.
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Plant Based Diet

Dr. Shares Check List For Plant Based Diet

For people that know I eat mainly plant based....I know there are questions. Rick asks me everyday " Well what in the world do you eat then...grass?" Well no, Rick. It's funny how no one cares about your health until you tell them you don't eat meat then there are 1000 questions and all of a sudden...
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hooters meatless wings

Hooters Gets Meatless Wings

According to PEOPLE magazine, there is a new plant based leader in town. Plant-based proteins, like tGERDEIN, BEYOND MEAT and THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER are all popular, and now HOOTERS is jumping on board with the Impossible “Unreal Wings.” They’re “vegetarian, non-GMO, soy-free and sustainably...
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Disney Now Offering Vegan Option On Many Of Their Menus

Starting next month, Disney is going to become more vegan-friendly . Florida will pave the way for the new menu items with California jumping on board at a later date. These plant based items will be available at both sit down restaurants and quick serve restaurants. Here are the new items and...
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hurricane radar

Rick Stacy On Demand 8.29.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - When storms get severe, The Weather Channel has two people point at the same radar map. SUNNY Update - Rick Stacy helps you get ready for Hurricane Dorian with his special preparedness kit. Crazy Talk - The Whole Foods CEO says fake meat products aren't the healthiest. News...
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Where's The Beef Burger King?

BK testing a beefless Whopper.
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