political ads

Kansas City wins

Rick Stacy On Demand 2.3.20

Kansas City is getting a parade after the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV, a recap of the political ads from Sunday's big game, Pamela Anderson's latest marriage lasts only 12 days, and veterinarians say CBD could be good for your pets.
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Punxsutawney Phil

Rick Stacy On Demand 1.31.20

PETA wants to replace Punxsutawney Phil with a robot groundhog, Bill Gates' daughter is engaged to an Egyptian showjumper, Mike Bloomberg bought some very expensive political Super Bowl ads, and a lazy postal worker rents a storage unit to hold undelivered mail.
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holiday decorations

Rick Stacy On Demand 11.1.19

Now that Halloween is over, stores are skipping Thanksgiving to put out Christmas decorations, Twitter says they're banning all political ads from their platform, a new study says swearing can improve your workout, and a UK man was spotted trying to have sex with a pile of autumn leaves.
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robot car

Rick Stacy On Demand 5.17.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A Rhode Island cop pulled over a self-driving car for speeding. SUNNY Update - A Danish politician "accidentally" posts an ad on PornHub. Crazy Talk - There is now a McDonald's inside the U.S. embassy in Austria. News Of The Weird - A crazed parent at a youth basketball...
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