Stormy Daniels

White House Christmas

Rick Stacy On Demand 12.20.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - President Trump calls in to the show to spead some holiday cheer. SUNNY Update - OIA expects big crowds this holiday season, a criminal throws himself from a police car on his way to jail, and the fed raises rates. The 3 BIG Things You Don't Need To Know - Will Smith is...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 11.29.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Secret documents about Facebook's privacy policy are about to be published. SUNNY Update - The FDA warns about gas station ED pills, Stormy Daniels denounces her lawyer, and lighting the National Christmas tree. Crazy Talk - Christmas trees for cat owners, another Les...
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mad cow

Rick Stacy On Demand 10.18.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A runaway cow wandered into a car dealership and started wreaking havoc. SUNNY Update - The rising Powerball jackpot, red tide is spreading along Brevard shores, and Trump calls Stormy Daniels 'horseface'. Crazy Talk - Biketoberfest kicks off in Daytona, the most well-liked...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 10.17.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A Wyoming woman running for city council also happens to sell her used underwear online. SUNNY Update - Canada makes marijuana legal nationwide, Disney raises the price on everything, and Trump calls into the show. The 3 BIG Things You Don't Need To Know - Roseanne gets...
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tv news van

Rick Stacy On Demand 10.16.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A Houston news crew was nearly carjacked at a red light. SUNNY Update - A new on ramp for I-4, the co-founder of Microsoft passes away, and a judge dismisses Stormy Daniels defamation case against President Trump. Crazy Talk - The Daylight Savings Time diet, things you hide...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 10.9.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Jill lists some common phrases that people are saying wrong. SUNNY Update - Drew Brees sets a new NFL record, the Florida panhandle is prepping for Hurricane Michael, and Anthony Wiener gets an early release from prison. Crazy Talk - NOW That's What I Call Music celebrates...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 8.30.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Jill threw out Rick's indoor plant while cleaning up. He's devastated. SUNNY Update - An Orlando Catholic priest faces allegations of sexual abuse and the Alabama State Board of Education wants to get rid of classic games. The 3 BIG Things You Don't Need To Know - KFC wants...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 7.13.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Rick Stacy has reached 'maximum density' and has been dieting the past few weeks. It's not going well. SUNNY Update - Contractors building the Ultimate I-4 Project want more money and Stormy Daniels had her charges dismissed after being arrested at a strip club. The 3 BIG...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 5.23.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Starbucks tries to quietly adjust their new policy of letting people loiter at their stores. SUNNY Update - More sinkholes open up in The Villages, this year's Boy Scout Jamboree will have condoms, and President Trump's cellphone isn't secure. The 3 BIG Things You Don't...
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sports betting

Rick Stacy On Demand 5.15.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled to strike down a federal ban on sports betting. SUNNY Update - Hawaiian authorities say a volcanic explosion could be possible, Sanford police are waiting on their TV debut, and a massive asteroid is scheduled to pass close to Earth. Crazy Talk...
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