weird news

clown car

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.23.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A man in a clown costume led California Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase. SUNNY Update - The National Weather Service baked biscuits in a hot car to demonstrate heatwave dangers. Crazy Talk - A Tom Cruise look-a-like fooled patrons at ComicCon. News Of The Weird - A...
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amazon prime

Rick Stacy On Demand 7.15.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - Today is Amazon Prime Day. SUNNY Update - The woman that let her child lick a tongue depressor in a doctor's office and put it back, is now facing felony charges. Crazy Talk - Pottery Barn is selling furniture inspired by the 'Friends' TV show. News Of The Weird - Reddit...
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jesus knife

Rick Stacy On Demand 4.3.19

Rick's Clip o' the Day - A knife-wielding South Carolina pastor shares an oddly violent message while speaking at her former church. SUNNY Update - A bungled Fox News graphic describes El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as 'Mexican' countries. Crazy Talk - Siri is keeping track of your every move...
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Rick Stacy On Demand 11.5.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - After sharing break-up stories, Rick and Jill analyze the difference between breaking up with a white girl versus a Spanish girl. SUNNY Update - A newborn baby abandoned at Disney's Animal Kingdom, a tragic murder in Deland, and the Joe Biden Scented Candle is flying off...
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drunk text

Rick Stacy On Demand 9.11.18

Rick's Clip o' the Day - After his colonoscopy, Rick had a few too many drinks; which resulted in some hilariously indecipherable text messages. SUNNY Update - Hurricane Florence headed for the Carolinas, a pervy massage therapist in Lake Mary, and Tesla stock drops after Elon Musk smokes marijuana...
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