Woman Tries to Get Out of Work With Clearly Photoshopped Image of Nail in Tire

A woman in Oklahoma really did not want to go to work last week. The unknown woman contacted her boss saying she had a flat tire and couldn't come into work. She even sent her employer a picture of the supposed tire. Unfortunately, nobody believed it was real. And why would they? The image is...
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Here Is Why You Should NOT Eat Lunch At Your Desk

Remember the days where you could "Clock Out" and actually leave and go somewhere for lunch for about an hour and come back refreshed and relaxed and ready for the second half of your day? Some places of work don't have that policy like they did back in the day. Most people these days, will bring...
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Work Phrases That Instantly Annoy You

Do you hate it when a coworker tells you to "think outside the box?" Yes!
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